Books for Babies

Books for Babies is a community outreach initiative aimed at families of newborn children. Books for Babies provides a book bag with a library card application and a high-quality, age-appropriate board book, as well as information on the importance of reading to young children and library services available to new parents. The bags are distributed through pediatricians' offices and family medical clinics throughout Garfield County at a child's first well-visit. Books for Babies allows the Garfield County Libraries to connect with new parents from the start, with information about the importance of reading and language in a young mom, baby, and bookchild's development. The board books and other materials are bilingual, in English and Spanish, and the books are designed to be engaging and interactive for parents and children. The Foundation hopes Read Every Day will make a strong and early connection between parents of young children and the public library. Books for Babies is funded through the Foundation and the City Market Cares program.