Adventures of the Wild Wolf by Didgeridoo Down Under

Although wolves no longer live in the wild in western NC, children’s author Tanya Gerard and her husband, Rob Thomas, have raised wolves and wolf-dog hybrids as pets for almost 20 years. Their pets – and their love of nature and storytelling – inspired Tanya to write a debut book, The Adventures of the Wild, Wild Wolf, and soon-to-be-published sequel, The Incredible and Ominous Quest.

Tanya and Rob will read and act out passages from her book as well as show photos and captivating videos of their wolves and wolf-dog hybrids. Throughout the event, Tanya and Rob will deliver motivational messages about reading, writing, and life. Their messages are simple but important:
• read as much as possible
• start by writing about what interests you
• keep writing, even if it’s not perfect
• follow your dreams

This free virtual event is open to all children as part of the Summer Reading Challenge.

Participate via Zoom:




Monday, July 19
3:30 pm