Artemis Book Club

Parents, kids, and nature lovers - read together to discover how our kids can find their voice and be the change they want to see. During this monthly club we’ll read books from the Gaia Girls series by Lee Welles.

Thursdays at 5 pm: January 14, February 11, and March 11

Participate via Zoom:


Here are a few of the things we will be discussing in February:

  1. Growing up on the farm her dad was born on, having a Bernese dog, growing and cooking veggies, hanging outside all summer - Elizabeth really digs Nature! Do you? What are you fascinated by? 
  2. As you "Enter the Earth" with Elizabeth, Maisie, and Will, I want you to notice what YOU pay attention to and pause for -what catches your interest in your town, at the park, going for walks? Let's share something new you've never noticed before when we gather again.
  3. We watch Elizabeth discover her Gaia (the spirit of Earth) Super Powers. Based on who YOU are, what interests you, what you care about, what fills your thoughts, what you spend most of your free time doing....what would your Gaia - spirit of Earth - Super Power be?

Keep reading! See if you can find a warm, sunny spot outside to read. See you on February 11.



Thursday, February 11
5:00 pm