LET THEM ROAR Songwriting Series: Harmony Workshop

Join award-winning Carbondale band LET THEM ROAR for a six-part songwriting series for sharing one’s story through song. Over six weeks the music workshops will explore musical concepts, songwriting tools & immersive activities designed to build confidence as a songwriter and as a performer. Each session will build upon the last allowing participants to grow their ideas into song. The series concludes with a virtual showcase by workshop participants featuring their original pieces and sharing their stories. The songwriting series runs for six consecutive Thursdays from June 18 through July 23. All sessions go from 6 to 7:30 pm & are hosted virtually via Zoom. Participation in the whole series is suggested though not required. Register early to reserve your place.


Thursday, June 18 • Playing with Words with Olivia Pevec & LTR • Register and participate via Zoom.
Creativity is a natural resource, one we are all born with and carry always. We can practice it’s cultivation and its harvest so that it is bountiful and available. This workshop is intended to give tools, inspiration, and support to anyone interested in writing lyrics. We will focus on free writing, word mining, and other techniques towards opening creative lyric flow. It works well for starting something brand new and as well can be applied to an idea that’s already seeded.

Thursday, June 25 • Emotion in Music with Mateo Sandate & LTR • Register and participate via Zoom.
When words fail, music speaks…’ This workshop will explore creative ways we can express ourselves when music is used as a language. We will look at three basic ways our feelings can be expressed to create motion in music. We will try them out through group exercises to gain musical insight & discover new tools for songwriting.

Thursday, July 2 • Harmony Workshop with Sophia Clark & LTR • Register and participate via Zoom.
This workshop will cover the basics of vocal harmony. What is harmony? How do you learn it, how do you find and apply harmonies? Using examples, this workshop will cover some basic tools and theory for finding harmonies, and then we will actually practice learning harmony together. Participants will be invited to share a song they are working on, to explore possibilities for harmony with the group.

Thursday, July 9 • Song Production with Ashton Taufer & LTR • Register and participate via Zoom.
In this workshop we will explore different ways a songwriter can guide a song on its journey from beginning to end. We will do this by following the timeline of an original song written by LET THEM ROAR. The goal of this workshop is to share steps with songwriters on taking a song from an idea all the way to the studio and create a tangible recording you can share with others.

Thursday, July 16 • Master Class • Register and participate via Zoom.
This is a session for participants to prepare for the virtual showcase. It is an opportunity for workshop participants to share their original songs with LET THEM ROAR and receive feedback and explore possibilities for further crafting prior to the showcase.

Thursday, July 23 • Virtual Songwriter Showcase • Register and participate via Zoom.
This is the conclusion of the songwriting series. The showcase is an opportunity for workshop participants to share their stories through song. We will open for a question and answer session to allow each performer to further share their perspective on composing their song and also share what they learned from the series. Performance is not required, though encouraged. 


Thursday, July 2
6:00 pm