The Rhythms of Connection: The Art of Gratitude

The Rhythms of Connection: Find Your Inner Yoda
Are you feeling isolated, overwhelmed, uninspired, or stuck? There are many forms of rhythm that help us connect within ourselves, with our daily life, and with others. What forms of rhythm may be blocked, splintered, or undefined for you? In this series, Donna Lee Humble, Shannon Bison, and Jessica Amber Barnum will offer 60-minute classes that will guide and support your personal journey toward identifying and cultivating the rhythms and connections that are important to you so you can mindfully stay true to who you are and thrive in a given moment. Each class will be outdoors. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a towel or yoga mat, journal, pen/pencil, and a water bottle. All sessions are free and open to all adults.

Session Information:

The Art of Gratitude
Donna Lee Humble, Shannon Bison, and Jessica Amber Barnum will offer a 90-minute class together that explores gratitude practices that support you through the holiday seasons and beyond.
Monday • October 31 • 10:30 am • Carbondale Branch Library
Monday • October 31 • 1:30 pm • Glenwood Springs Branch Library
Monday • November 7 • 10:30 am • Silt Branch Library
Monday • November 7 • 1:30 pm • Rifle Branch Library



Additional Sessions:

Discerning Your True Path
Are you truly present in your life? How is the rhythm of your daily routines, thoughts, and habits impacting your energy and wellbeing? This class will inspire mindful self-reflection, discernment, and connection. Experience how the power of intention and mindfulness strategies energetically align your whole being so you can be present and true to who you are, for yourself, and for the world.
Monday • September 19 • 2:30 pm • Carbondale Branch Library
Monday • September 26 • 2:30 pm • Glenwood Springs Branch Library 


Overcome Your Barriers to Peace
If the truth of who and what we are is perfect peace, why aren’t we peaceful? Because we are bombarded with distractions that keep us looking outside ourselves for the answers that can only be found within. It is by connecting with your natural rhythm that you are better able to connect with others. Running away from our discontent is the opposite of mindfulness. The key to overcoming your current obstacles to peace is not by ignoring them but rather by diving into them. This may sound counterintuitive but you’ll find the simple process of diving in brings you back to the connection and peace you’ve been seeking. Join us and discover which of the 3 barriers is blocking you and how to overcome it in an instant. 
Wednesday • September 21 • 2:30 pm • Carbondale Branch Library
Wednesday • September 28 • 2:30 pm • Glenwood Springs Branch Library
Wednesday • October 12 • 2:30 pm • Silt Branch Library
Wednesday • October 19 • 2:30 pm • Rifle Branch Library


Connecting to Natures Seasonal Rhythms
We notice the shifts in our environment when the seasons change, but don’t always make shifts in our life. In this class, we will explore some of the elements that are changing in nature and how we can use mindfulness and lifestyle practices that connect with those shifts in nature to support us throughout the fall season. Join us to discover practices that you can integrate into your day and align with the season in nature and the season of life you are in. 
Friday • September 23 • 2:30 pm • Carbondale Branch Library
Friday • September 30 • 2:30 pm • Glenwood Springs Branch Library
Friday • October 14 • 2:30 pm • Silt Branch Library
Friday • October 21 • 2:30 pm • Rifle Branch Library





Monday, November 7
10:30 am