Silt's Unsolved Sleuths

It’s in our nature to be highly attuned to true crime content, and we instinctively want to discover the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ so we can find out what makes criminals tick, and to better protect ourselves and our kin.

But what happens when a horrid or confusing crime has happened but there is no conclusion. No one is arrested, there are no answers, and seemingly no justice.
Imagine being part of a community where your curiosity isn't just encouraged – it's celebrated. At Silt's Unsolved Sleuths we're not just spectators; we're investigators, puzzle solvers, and justice seekers. Whether you're into documentaries, podcasts, or just love a good mystery, our club is the place to be.

Once a month, we will meet and try to crack open a cold case that has stumped the experts. From chilling disappearances to mind-bending unsolved heists, we tackle them all.
Together we can discuss the events, look at the evidence, and come up with our own theory.

Free and open to everyone
18 and older.

Third Tuesday Each Month
6:00 pm