Steampunked! Automata: Simple Machines Mimicking Life

Before the invention of the electric motors, software, and computers that power today's toys and robots, there was the age of clockwork mechanics where motion was driven by cranks and gears, coding was done with cams and followers, and simple machines created surprisingly complex engines mirroring the processes of life. Join us to investigate the basic mechanisms of vintage automata, explore their progression from giant machinations in medieval towers to miniature curiosities in royal parlors, and learn their inspiration for the industrial revolution and modern computing and robotics.

These events are part of the Summer Reading Challenge, open to all, and you are welcome to attend the session most convenient for you.

Tuesday • July 12 • 11 am • Glenwood Springs Branch Library
Tuesday • July 12• 2 pm • Carbondale Branch Library
Wednesday • July 13 • 11 am • New Castle Branch Library
Wednesday • July 13 • 2 pm • Silt Branch Library
Thursday • July 14 • 11 am • Parachute Branch Library
Thursday • July 14 • 2 pm • Rifle Branch Library




Tuesday, July 12
2:00 pm